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About H&B Project

About the project

About H&B Project About H&B Project

The H&B Project is based on the health care business to provide stable services and business expansion.
We want to provide investment attraction and increase customer service through blockchain investment technology.

Why will you
HnB Project?

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  • H&B Payment

    H&B Payment

  • H&B Wallet

    H&B Wallet

  • Reward Program

    Reward Program

Organic services

H&B Platform Structure

H&B Platform Structure H&B Platform Structure

The H&B platform is developed in four major structures, and each component is organically linked to provide stable services.

H&B Service

H&B Economy

The H&B Project was developed with the goal of improving the problems that occur in the existing health care facility-related market
and developing it into a next-generation platform, focusing on the existing real business, the immune workshop.

H&B Payment
H&B Payment
The QR code payment payment method currently being used is a contactless payment method that performs payment by scanning a QR code from a mobile device, and is a payment method that makes numerous existing infrastructure unnecessary.
H&B allows you to pay at H&B stores through the QR code payment method, saving money and time spent on existing payment systems.
As a payment method, when participants in the H&B ecosystem visit a merchant to purchase a product, read the merchant's QR code, and when a payment window appears on the mobile screen, enter the appropriate amount to complete the payment upon approval.
H&B Wallet
H&B Wallet
You can convert HNB into points by depositing HNB in the wallet provided within the H&B Project platform. When converting HNB to points, the conversion is performed by linking the real-time price of the linked exchange API, and by using these points, you can purchase gifticons that can be used in various areas such as living convenience.
In the future, as the number of merchants using the H&B Project increases, you can pay for products and services at partner merchants.
Regular Delivery Service
Regular Delivery Service
Regular delivery service is available for products of H&B Project's partners and merchants. A typical example is Pew Water's regular delivery service, which can be purchased from the marketplace within the H&B platform. You can receive HNB Token as a reward as a regular delivery application reward.
Accumulated points can be used to purchase gift cards from Immune Workshop, and purchased gift cards can be used freely at offline branches or exchanged for health checkup tickets.
Going forward, we plan to expand the scope of regular delivery not only for Pew Water, but also for daily necessities such as food and daily necessities.

Reward Point Policy

H&B Reward Program

Reward for service use and purchase
Reward for service use and purchase
Consumers can receive a payback for a portion of the amount paid when purchasing products in affiliate stores within the H&B platform.
Review reward
Review reward
After purchasing products from affiliate stores, consumers can receive rewards by writing reviews or creating review content.
Point Exchange Policy
All points paid on the HNB platform are fixed in the value of KRW and can be exchanged by linking the exchange price of HNB tokens with the API.
H&B expects to contribute to the continued expansion and development of the ecosystem through the rewards program.

Health and Beauty(HNB)

HnB Token Information

HnB tokens were issued as the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain network,
and are used as the key currency within the H&B platform as utility tokens with a total issuance of 1.5 billion.

Token Information
Token Information
Token Name HNB Protocol Symbol HNB
Technology Base ERC-20 Type Utility
TOKEN supply 1,500,000,000 HNB Decimals 18
Token Address 0x6E0615a03eD9527a6013FcD5B556E36EF4DaB1FF
Token Information
Token Name HNB Protocol
Symbol HNB
Technology Base ERC-20
Type Utility
TOKEN supply 1,500,000,000 HNB
Decimals 18
Token Address 0x6E0615a03eD9527a6013FcD5B556E36EF4DaB1FF
Distribution Information
  • Foundation (13%)200,000,000 HNB
  • Development (13%)200,000,000 HNB
  • Advisor (13%)200,000,000 HNB
  • H&B Platform Ecosystem (27%)400,000,000 HNB
  • Marketing (13%)200,000,000 HNB
  • Token Sale (20%)300,000,000 HNB

H&B's Future Plans

HnB Roadmap


  • Established the foundation and started business
  • Formed H&B Project Team
  • Prepared and distributed White paper v1.0
  • Completed the establishment of Singapore corporation
  • Completed 1st and 2nd Private Sale


  • Listed on the 2nd global exchange
  • Opened Cheongdam branch service


  • Listed on the 3rd global exchange
  • Opened Jeju direct store
  • Seolhaewon Myunyeokgongbang, Selected as a "Beauty wellness Spa Tourist Site" by the Korea Tourism Organization


  • Scheduled to be listed on the 4th global exchange
  • Jeju Teddy Valley CC., Incheon Cheongna branch to open
  • HNB PB product launch (ex... cosmetics, household goods, health functional food, food and beverage, etc.)


  • Myunyeokgongbang overseas global store opening and business

HnB's Marketing

HnB Marketing Plan

HnB provides various marketing support including support for serial drama program production.


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